Naturavetal Canis Plus Puppies & Young Dogs Poultry (Cold Pressed)


Canis Plus® Poultry Dry Food is our premium-quality cold pressed classic. The unique blend of ingredients makes it a particularly tasty and an easily digestible premium food for adult dogs. This exclusive recipe is impressive. Main ingredients: poultry as an easily digestible source of protein, wholegrain brown rice and hulled oats which are solubilised in a protected patented cooking process, and steamed maize which provides many B vitamins and minerals, in particular for the heart and nerves. Carob, which regulates the digestion, energy-giving salmon oil which provides essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and can play a positive role in maintaining healthy joints, brewer’s yeast for a beautiful coat, and carrots for aiding an intact intestinal mucosa. Bananas provide various vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as serotonin, the happiness hormone. Other ingredients: Calcium carbonate from seaweed as a 100% natural supply of calcium, nutritionally valuable malt sprouts, diatomaceous earth for a healthy coat and skin, and concentrated enzyme power from hulled oat and browntop millet sprouts. Garlic supports normal functioning of the heart and immune system. Gently dried herbs like nettle, parsley, artichokes, fennel, wild garlic and dandelion promote a healthy metabolism. A healthy, versatile classic for all breeds, made from all-natural ingredients.


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Cold pressed natural complete food with a moderately high meat content and a superior selection of natural herbs, designed to meet the nutritional requirements of growing puppies and young dogs.

Poultry meat, the sole protein source, not only tastes wonderful, but provides easily digestible protein. Together with brown rice, oats and maize, which are carefully solubilised using a protected patented process, this provides an energy and protein content which is not unduly high so that little ones can grow slowly, steadily and uniformly. Too much food can cause excessively rapid growth in puppies, which can be counter productive.

A moderate protein content, superior herbs, and absolutely no synthetic additives can ensure that all breeds and sizes have the best possible start in life during the main growth period up to their 12th month.
For puppies and young dogs of larger breeds we supply puppy food in larger bite-sized pellet form. This ensures healthy chewing and is equivalent to the pellet size of Canis Plus® Complete Food for adult dogs.
Puppy and Young Dog Food with Salmon is advisable for feeding very sensitive puppies. We will be happy to help you find the right food for your puppy.

Free of synthetic additives, preservatives, dyes, fillers, gluten free and GM free.

Complete Food for Dogs

  • Poultry meat meal 27% (equivalent to over 65% fresh meat)
  • solubilised, unpolished wholegrain brown rice
  • solubilised, hulled oats
  • steamed maize
  • carob
  • salmon oil 2%
  • carrots
  • bananas
  • calcium from seaweed
  • malt sprouts
  • brewer’s yeast
  • diatomaceous earth
  • 0.5% sprouted browntop millet and hulled oats
  • nettle
  • garlic
  • parsley
  • artichokes
  • fennel
  • wild garlic
  • dandelion

Complete Food for Dogs

  • raw protein 23.10%
  • fat content 12.10%
  • raw fibre 3.20%
  • raw ash 6.90%
  • calcium 1.47%
  • phosphorous 0.90%
  • magnesium 0.16%
  • sodium 0.23%
  • potassium 0.47%
  • copper 6.59 mg/kg
  • zinc 45.30 mg/kg
  • iron 189.00 mg/kg
  • manganese 36.70 mg/kg
  • pH value 6.35

Feeding Recommendations

* All the weights given refer to the anticipated weight of the fully grown dog
2 – 34 – 67 – 1213 – 20
5 kg80–100 g100–120 g120–130 g
10 kg120–150 g150–180 g180–210 g
15 kg150–180 g180–210 g210–240 g
20 kg200–240 g240–270 g270–300 g
25 kg240–300 g300–330 g330–360 g360–400 g
30 kg300–350 g350–380 g380–420 g420–480 g
35 kg350–450 g450–480 g480–500 g500–540 g
40 kg450–540 g540–580 g580–600 g600-640 g
50 kg540–600 g600–640 g640–670 g670–700 g
60 kg600–700 g700–740 g740–780 g780–800 g
> 65 kg700–750 g750–780 g780–800 g800–900 g

We advise changing all meals to our cold pressed food immediately, because mixing two sort of food can lead to problems arising from the difference in consistency. Your dog should always have fresh water available. Our advisory team will be very happy to help with email or telephone queries on changing over.


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