What are the benefits of feeding phytoplankton to our dogs

Phytoplankton are the small, microscopic plants that feed and benefit the entire ocean. Whilst ocean life can reap the benefits of phytoplankton, so can our dogs.

Supports the liver

Phytoplankton contains the amino acid arginine which can support the liver in detoxification. Our dogs can absorb Phytoplankton via their cells which makes it a great supplement for dogs suffering with liver problems. Phytoplankton will allow our dogs to utilise and absorb the nutrients in phytoplankton without asking the liver to work harder.  

Helps itchy skin

Phytoplankton contains bioflavonoids which are naturally occurring substances found in plants. These bioflavonoids have anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine characteristics. Histamines are responsible for the inflammation which causes the itch. It is thought that these bioflavonoids can reduce histamine production and/or help with any inflammation.

Helps digestion

Some digestive supplements may not be absorbed to their full potential as they require input from the digestive tract. Phytoplankton are delivered directly to the cells which preserves digestive energy, improves nutrient absorption and improves overall digestion.

Aids joint mobility

Phytoplankton are high in omega 3’s. The two types of omega 3 found in phytoplankton include EPA and DHA.  These fatty acids have been known to decrease inflammatory reactions by diminishing the cells interferon response. Too much inflammation can cause pain so phytoplankton is great for conditions such as arthritis.

In conclusion as well as all the above benefits phytoplankton is an amazing addition to help meet omega requirements. Unlike oil-based supplements, it is not as susceptible to oxidisation. This means that a phytoplankton supplement will not go rancid shortly after it has been exposed to oxygen. Rancid supplements are capable of promoting inflammation which is counterproductive.

It’s the perfect all-round supplement for all diets, including raw diets.

We’re all aware of the pollutants and contaminants that can lurk in our ocean waters so it’s a good idea to seek a pond grown phytoplankton.

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