Which toys are best for ‘destructive’ dogs?

The term ‘destructive’ is often given to dogs that chew and destroy things. In this blog we’re primarily focussing on dogs that specifically destroy toys.

This ‘destructive’ behaviour is actually really purposeful. Playing with toys is a great way of relieving stress, tackling boredom and for some dogs the end result satisfies the prey drive. This makes it super important to provide toys that will be safe for your dog.


Goughnuts dog toys are made from the toughest 100% natural rubber. This unique range of toys offers pet owners’ peace of mind with their ‘Goughnuts visual indicator’. The rings and sticks have a red core and if the red becomes exposed then the toy is recommended to be replaced. This design helps to eliminate or lessen the possibility of blockages.

The Goughnuts range has a safety guarantee whereby if your dog exposes the core of the product then it will be replaced.

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Goughnuts original ring

Kiwi Walker

The Kiwi Walker range is made from tough TPR foam which is great for tough play. TPR foam has the ability to withstand high impact and has great wear-resistance during games like tug and retrieval. The materials are also hugely resistant to tears and abrasions.

Offering a range of shapes such as rings, balls and octopus’ the range is perfect for all breeds.

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Kiwi Walker Frisbee

Dog Comets

Dog comets stardust balls are made from 100% natural and durable rubber. Natural rubber has a high tensile strength. Tensile strength measures the highest point in which the product can be pulled before it breaks. It also has excellent impact resistance. This makes these balls great for a wide range of play activities.

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