Why you should be using a treat pouch during training

Many dogs are motivated by food so treats are a great way to reward desired behaviours. To make the training process easier many people opt for a good treat pouch to hold their treats.

Keeps treats hidden

It is important to understand that if a treat is continually visible to the dog during training, the treat could be considered a bribe instead of a reward. Constantly offering a bribe could lead to a dog refusing to perform a behaviour until they are shown the treat. A treat pouch allows the treats to be hidden making the treat a reinforcer instead of a bribe. A reinforcer is a way of paying your dog after they have performed the behaviour and not before.

It is important to wear the treat pouch frequently around the dog whether training or not so that they don’t just listen to cues when the pouch is present.

Keeping treats hidden can also improve training. This is because it will be more difficult for your dog to predict which type of reward they are going to be given. Being unpredictable with the treats can prevent them choosing not to perform a behaviour based on the reward you are offering.

Quick rewarding

Treat pouches offer quick and easy rewarding. When your dog performs a desired behaviour, the reward must follow quickly and consistently. This allows them to associate this reward with the behaviour. Delayed rewarding can slow down progress during training.

Allows for higher value treats

The alternative to a treat pouch is usually your coat pocket. Many dogs consider smelly and moist treats to be high value. For times when high value treats are necessary, a treat pouch can offer a good place to hold treats whilst keeping your pockets clean.

Keeps hands free

Whilst training it is important to be consistent during each step. Many pet owners use a combination of both verbal cues and hand signals. Your hands may be needed to help teach your dog a variety of things. e.g. touch. Keeping your hands free will allow any hand gestures to remain consistent.

We recommend The Trainers Pouch as an excellent way to hold treats. It is made from non-pourous silicone so that it doesn’t absorb odours. It is also waterproof and dishwasher safe.

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